Companies Continue to Step Up as Face Mask Stock Stays Low

April 17, 2020

Kaiser Livermore Medical Office face masks donation
JayDee Huppert

The year 2020 has been one for the record books, with unprecedented worldwide lockdown and social distancing orders during a pandemic.  These times have left many people without jobs, feeling hopeless and stuck at home, while healthcare workers continue to work hard to treat those directly affected by COVID-19.  

Luckily, nationwide (and even worldwide) it seems like these drastic measures are making a difference.  Death tolls in almost every state are significantly lower than initially expected.  Plus, some states have already hit their plateau and are in recovery mode.  

The U.S. is still in need of protective gear.

Yet, we aren’t out of the woods yet.  As we start to gain some control over this paralyzing pandemic, there are some key components to keep in mind.  Some harder hits states have mandated or strongly recommended that facemasks be worn when in public.  Now more than ever, it is common to see those out in the community wearing a mask.

Face masks, protective shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, and gowns continue to be on back order and in short supply for many medical facilities and essential workers.  Fortunately, many companies and individuals have stepped up to help support our nurses, physicians, and other medical provide that so desperately need these items.  

Flexispot is doing their part to support those in need.

The continuing shortage is why Flexispot decided to diligently search for reliable suppliers all over China to collect protective equipment for needy people in the U.S.  Thus, they were able to donate 500 face masks to the Kaiser Livermore Medical Office in California on April 21.  Flexispot has expressed its concern for the health of the local communities and is happy to contribute to those in need at this time.

Outside of donations to larger medical facilities, Flexispot has also been able to proudly support individuals in need of face masks.  In fact, they are currently offering 10 piece face mask sets for free to each shipping address (plus the cost of 2-day shipping).  This has helped provide piece of mind to people that need to be out in the community for essential shopping and work.  Wearing a mask has been recommended in many densely populated areas, especially for people that are immune-compromised.

Let’s keep supporting each other.

As we start to see some light at the end of the tunnel with this disastrous illness, Flexispot is doing their part in supporting those most in need right now.  The way companies and individuals have come together to rally behind each other has been inspiration should make most of us feel hopeful for a better tomorrow. 

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