Donating Free Face Masks in a Time of Critical Need

April 06, 2020

FACE MASKS DONATION TO Sutter Health Medical Facility
JayDee Huppert

There is no doubt that the year 2020 has been one for the record books.  With practically the entire world in shutdown, the globe has been a witness to extreme highs and lows. From climbing death tolls to entire communities banding together to keep our most susceptible members safe, it has been quite the whirlwind.

As we continue to take the COVID-19 pandemic one step at a time, one highly critical issue has been the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).  This equipment, such as face masks, shields, gloves and coveralls (gowns) is important for keeping all four essential workers safe as they face potential risks from coronavirus exposure every single day.  

Luckily, individuals and companies alike have come together to make and produce equipment like face masks and face shields.  Flexispot has been able to do its part as well.  By getting in touch with high quality producers throughout China, they have been able to provide face masks to those most in need.  

This month on April 8th, Flexispot was able to provide 300 face masks and 10 protective coveralls to Sutter Health Medical Facility in California.  The hospital was critically low and extremely happy to receive the donation. It has helped them to stay healthy and continue their fight against the coronavirus.

With the PPE shortage continuing, Flexispot is able to provide a beacon of hope.  We are now offering 10 free face masks per address (plus shipping for 2 day delivery).  Whether you, a loved one, or a fellow community member could use the additional protection, you can order them today and get them quickly.  We are happy to provide some peace of mind in these difficult times simply because we care about our fellow comrades.  

Keeping ourselves safe is the top priority at this time.  Protect yourself, your family, and those putting their lives on the frontline by doing your part.  Stay home, keep your distance, and use protective equipment as needed when in high risk situations.

As we face these uncertain times one thing has become clear: we’re always stronger together!  As we get through this pandemic and start recovering in the future, don’t to stay grateful for what you do have and continue to support those around you.  We can all agree that life is much more beautiful when we take the time to lift each other up.

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