Providing Much Needed Face Masks to Those in Need

April 19, 2020

Stanford Healthcare center face masks donation
JayDee Huppert

As we continue to navigate unchartered waters with the coronavirus, the shortage of protective personal equipment (PPE) continues to persist.  This week, some states prepare to start phase I of re-opening their economy and businesses.  Yet, many metropolitan areas continue to see a spike in cases.  No one quite knows what the future will hold with COVID-19, but the needs for social distancing and protective gear like face masks, face shields, gowns, and gloves remains.  

Necessary protection as we continue to wage a war on COVID-19.

There continues to be an army of people working hard on the front lines and behind the scenes to keep as many people healthy as possible.  From the truck drivers delivering fresh groceries and cleaning supplies each week to the employees at manufacturing companies keeping us all stocked with necessities while at home, they are all playing a crucial role in keeping America going right now.  Everyone working overtime at hospitals, coordinating deliveries, and restocking grocery store shelves are at a higher risk of exposure to the coronavirus every day.  This is what makes protective equipment so important for keeping those working hard safe.  

Face masks for those that need them most.

Many individuals and companies have rallied together to support those that need us most right now.  Flexispot has been one of those companies.  After looking into reliable suppliers all over China, they were able to secure protective equipment for donating.  They are proud to be able to offer help to their community in these times of need.  On April 21, they were able to donate 1000 face masks to the grateful staff at Stanford Healthcare Center in California.  

Face masks for everyone in need.

Currently, Flexispot is happy to extend their offer to everyone in need right now. For just the cost of shipping, you can get access to 10 high quality face masks for free (per shipping address).  Many happy recipients have been able to protect themselves and gain some clarity in these times of high anxiety.  Whether you’re on the front lines, behind the scenes, need to run some essential errands, or are simply at high risk, you can take advantage of this generous offer while supplies last.  

Together and with each other’s support, we can get through this! 

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