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Jedes Detail unseres höhenverstellbaren Schreibtischs wurde so gestaltet, dass es Sie dabei unterstützt, eine ergonomisch korrekte Körperhaltung einzunehmen.

Strenge Belastungstests

All unsere Schreibtische wurden ausgiebig auf Ermüdungserscheinungen getestet – und hielten dabei mehr als 6.000 Aufwärts-und-Abwärts-Bewegungen stand.

Ergonomische Lösungen nach Maß

Mit unseren modernen Designs und Individualisierungsoptionen wird Ihr (Heim-)Arbeitsplatz zu einem echten Hingucker.

Unsere Kunden genießen ein gesünderes, produktiveres Leben

I bought a flexspot after trying a standing desk at work. I must say I LOVE my Flexspot. Assembly was trivial - just sliding the keyboard try into place. it works like a charm and my back feels much better already.

Craig Silver

Thanks to this desk, I actually prefer standing over sitting. I have found that I typically sit in the mornings and then stand in the afternoons after lunch. This habit has definitely made an impact and I’m feeling more energetic in the afternoons. I’ve also found myself hosting meetings in my office where everyone is standing and I have received positive feedback from my coworkers.

Simone Worsdale

My staff is so happy being able to easily shift from seated to standing, and productivity on our sales floor has increased dramatically. Thank you


(Stand up) desk job


I work from home and have been struggling with back pain from sitting all day and finding it difficult to find time to work out. My FlexiSpot that I ordered on prime day arrived on Monday. Took 3 minutes to set up and I'm obsessed. I'm on it all day when my meetings don't require video (or too much talking). For email and deck writing it keeps me focused on energized. I'm thrilled.

Vicki Haber

Only 6 weeks until bubby boy arrives and my favorite form of cardio these days is biking! Was totally bummed that I couldn’t bike along the lake like I did last summer (and the fact that my lower back is preventing me from doing pretty much any other form of full body classes). So I’ve been using this FlexiSpot desk bike V9 while I work and all I can say is THANK GOD. Nothin helps mama out like some form of movement throughout the day! It blends in with our home decor too

The Balanced Babe


From a drawing perspective, I really like the FlexiSpot M2. Thanks to its keyboard tray, my Apple extended keyboard is within easy access and my back remains straight while I draw, which greatly takes the pressure off my lower back herniation.



New work set up. Trying the standing desk, hoping it gets me moving more, reduces the back/neck pain and the swelling in my legs.


This is where I make my music. I got a desk riser on top of my desk here. Definitely recommend for any producer or anyone that makes music or does something creative that likes to move when you are creating. First I am in sitting position. Working and making music. And if I want to stand, all I[I know this is presented as a quote, so if it isn’t possible to make these corrections, I understand] need to do is to grab these little handles outside and move up. But if I stand for a long period of time, my legs get tired again so I go back to the sitting position. So the cool thing about this is that it moves up and down

Kato On The Track

Music producer

I am absolutely in love with your product. I find myself wanting to go back to work so I can use the desktop riser. I love the flexibility in being able to stand for awhile and then move it down to sit comfortably in my regular desktop position.

Vanessa S.

Assitant Executive Director